Mounted Units & Inserts

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Mounted bearings, sometimes called bearing units or bearing blocks, have a bearing installed in a housing to ease installation and provide additional support for the bearing. They are face or surface mounted in applications where the shaft is perpendicular to the unit. Bearing inserts are used to replace worn or damaged bearings in an existing bearing housing. Collar bearings support high axial loads and limit radial movement. Flanges help ensure that the bearing is flush and provides added rigidity. Pillow-block (Plummer block) bearings attach to a vertical or horizontal surface to support rotating shafts and with light to moderate loads, such as in conveying and other operations where the shaft passes through the bearing. Take up bearings are used to align track and tension conveyor belts.

DODGE P2B-ISN 517-215 FR Mounted Units & Inserts

260 mm M 30x200
TSD 3152 U 720 mm

DODGE 460896 Mounted Units & Inserts

3800 rpm 110.0000 mm
58500 N Two Seals & Snap-Rin

DODGE SDX 3060 Mounted Units & Inserts

556 mm 320 kg
Tr 800x7 540 mm

DODGE TB-SCEZ-012-SH Mounted Units & Inserts

980 mm 82 mm
962 mm 861 mm

DODGE F2B-GT-108-LL Mounted Units & Inserts

29.362 mm HMVC 32E
94.005 mm 8

DODGE F4B-SC-110L-HT Mounted Units & Inserts

35.5 kN 90 mm
1.1 mm 0.6 mm

DODGE F2B-VSC-107 MOD Mounted Units & Inserts

90 mm 240 kN
115 mm 12.5 mm

DODGE F2B-VSC-108 MOD Mounted Units & Inserts

14000 rpm 54.0000 mm
12500 N 7500 N

DODGE TB-SCEZ-100-SH Mounted Units & Inserts

S 48x8.15/16 HMVC 48E
43.129 mm N 048

DODGE S1U-EXL-415R Mounted Units & Inserts

0.794 mm 247.65 mm
3400 r/min 304.8 mm

DODGE S1U-EXL-500R Mounted Units & Inserts

105 mm 455 kN
0.4 180 mm

DODGE P2B518-ISN-080MFS MOD Mounted Units & Inserts

85 mm 6 mm
10000 r/min 34 mm